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Punt, Pass, Kick, Catch and Run

Football fans everywhere love the chance to show their stuff with the Punt, Pass, Kick, Catch and Run game. Official timer clock is remote controlled and adds a competitive edge to your event

Rental Price: $3,450.00
Giant Soccer Pool Game

Eight ball, corner pocket. With this fun twist on pool, guests stand inside the game and use a soccer ball as a cue ball to kick their stripes or solids in the pockets.

Rental Price: $695.00
Spin-N-Win Wheel

Pull the handle and watch the lights go around the bright, colorful 6-foot dial. Hit STOP at just the right time to win. It's fun, easy, and exciting for everyone! Each section can be customized.

Rental Price: $695.00
Speed Stacks Game

Challenge an opponent, or play against the clock, stacking cups in
formation then taking them back down. These specially designed cups and
timer are the same ones used by the World Sport Stacking Association!

Rental Price: $595.00
Photo Booth Classic Photo Booth

"My co-workers and owners are still talking about this being the best party in the our 15 years existence, they can't stop talking about the dealers and Captain Kirk. Oh my goodness, they loved the photo booth, giant Jenga game, we had a blast! I would definitely say Game On! lived up to WOW the customer! Thank you again, totally unforgettable." For more customer quotes, please click here.

Rental Price: $595.00
Pool Table - LED

Game On's LED Pool Table is a definite game changer. Accent your party with glowing red, blue, green, yellow, white, cyan, or purple - the table glows on top, and below as well. Ask about custom branded felt!

Rental Price: $495.00
LED Ping Pong Table

Everything is better in color! With our LED Ping Pong Table, add a colorful glow to your gaming experience. Each side can be lit separately - play red vs. blue, orange vs. green, or light both sides in the same color. Ask about adding custom branding!

Rental Price: $495.00
Ping Pong Table - Custom Branding/Graphics

Complete any event with a Ping Pong Table! Personalize the table with your custom branding or logo.

Rental Price: $495.00
Giant Light Bright Rental Giant Light Bright Game

Light up your event with a Giant Light Bright! Create any design you can imagine with colorful pegs. The Giant Light Bright is a fun way for your guests to creatively work together while playing a favorite childhood game.

Rental Price: $495.00
Football Field Goal Kick Game

It's up and it's good! Guests enjoy the excitement of kicking a real football, which activates a spinning football on the game. Based on the kick, players will receive points.

Rental Price: $425.00
Touch Screen Jukebox

Be tech savvy with the Touch Screen Jukebox at your party. Guests enjoy picking their own music. Comes with (2) extra speakers.

Rental Price: $395.00
Texas Hold 'Em Poker - Light-up

Flops, turns, holes and rivers! You must be talking about Texas Hold 'Em Poker! Each player is dealt two, hole cards, then they place their bets. From here, players can see flops and turns, all include a round of betting. The final card pulled is called the river card, and again there is another round of betting. The best five card hand wins!

Rental Price: $385.00
Blackjack Table - Light-up

Hit me! Guests play against the dealer in hopes of getting closer to 21 than the dealer without "busting" or going over. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Rental Price: $345.00
Pool Table - 6' Black Felt

Challenge a friend and take your best shot with our traditional black felt Pool Table!  Great for any themed event!

Rental Price: $325.00
Pool Table - Black Felt

The greatest bar game of all time, complete any party for guests to keep entertained with the Black Felt Pool Table.

Rental Price: $325.00
Giant Connect Four Game

Bring the classic Connect Four Game to life with the Giant Connect Four Game! Guests will love playing a game from their childhood at your event.

Rental Price: $325.00
Pool Table - Green Felt

The greatest bar game of all time, complete any party for guests to keep entertained with the Green Finished Pool Table.

Rental Price: $325.00
Blacklight Foosball Table Rental Blacklight Foosball Table

If standard Foosball isn't exciting enough, why not add a blacklight? With UV reactive spinning players and ball, this game will get GLOWING reviews at your next party!

Rental Price: $295.00
Electronic Darts

Electronic Darts feature a scoreboard and LED lights.  There is also a solo play feature, but the scoreboard can have up to as many as 8 players.

Rental Price: $250.00
Crane Arcade Game

The object of the Crane game is to maneuver the claw around to grab a prize at the bottom.
Once the player has a good grip on their prize they pick it up to move it to
the section that drops it for the player to receive.

Rental Price: $225.00
Cornhole Toss Game - Customizable

Vamp up a Cornhole Toss Game with your own customizable logo or graphic! Great way to brand a game that is popular with guests.

Rental Price: $195.00
Double Shot Electronic Basketball Game

A great way to challenge your friends, this double shot basketball game gives players an opportunity to see who has the best shot in basketball!

Rental Price: $195.00
Cornhole Toss Game - LED Score

This Cornhole Toss Game has large LED numbers to keep track of your score. Press the + and - buttons on the back to add or subtract points.

Rental Price: $175.00
LED Beer Pong LED Beer Pong

The LED Beer Pong table adds a colorful glow to your event.  Each player side can be lit separately or light both sides in the same color. Ask about adding custom branding!

Rental Price: $150.00
Light-up Cornhole Toss Game

Brighten up a Cornhole Toss Game with the Light-up Cornhole Toss boards. The entire board lights up with several colors to choose from.

Rental Price: $150.00
Megawire Game

The object of Megawire is to use a wand to move through the zig zags without being zapped. Your logo can be added to this game!

Rental Price: $125.00
Bowling Pin Ring Toss Bowling Pin Ring Toss

Can you ring a bowling pin? Guests toss colored rings on the pins and add up the points. Need something fun for a trade show? You can customize the pins for prizes that you are giving away.

Rental Price: $95.00
Large Tumble Tower

How will you stack up?  The Giant Tumble Tower has guests take turns pulling blocks out of the tower until the whole tower crashes down.  Who will have the steadiest hand?  Fun for guests of all ages!

Rental Price: $95.00
Customizable Prize Wheel

The Customizable Prize Wheel is great for any trade shows, casino parties, fundraisers, and grand openings to have a raffle.  Customize each section of every prize you have and let guests spin away!

Rental Price: $95.00