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Craps Table - Light-up Craps Table - Light-up

If you hear a lot of hollering going on at a casino, you can bet its at the Craps table! Guests wager on rolls of the dice and payoffs vary based on the type of bet placed.

Rental Price: $695.00
Texas Hold 'Em Poker - Light-up Texas Hold 'Em Poker - Light-up

Flops, turns, holes and rivers! You must be talking about Texas Hold 'Em Poker! Each player is dealt two, hole cards, then they place their bets. From here, players can see flops and turns, all include a round of betting. The final card pulled is called the river card, and again there is another round of betting. The best five card hand wins!

Rental Price: $385.00
Roulette Table - Light-up Roulette Table - Light-up

Place your bets! Guests place bets with the chance of a variety of pay out options based on where the ball lands on the roulette wheel. Bet red or black and receive an even payout; but, if you bet big and the ball lands on your number you can win big! Roulette is a super fun casino game.

Rental Price: $365.00
Blackjack Table - Light-up Blackjack Table - Light-up

Hit me! Guests play against the dealer in hopes of getting closer to 21 than the dealer without "busting" or going over. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Rental Price: $345.00
Bar Stool - Modern Bar Stool - Modern

The modern bar stools adds a nice touch to your casino event. Guests will enjoy playing in comfort.

Rental Price: $8.00
Poker Chair Poker Chair

Your guests will enjoy playing poker in comfort.

Rental Price: $8.00
Bar Stool - Black and Chrome Bar Stool - Black and Chrome

Guests will play in comfort while sitting on a bar stool.

Rental Price: $8.00