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Pac Man Arcade Game - Multi Games

Pac Man Arcade Game - Multi Games

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Pac Man Video Game - Multi
Rental Price: $225.00
Height: 5'
Width: 26"
Depth: 33"
Potential Quantity Available: 1

Product Code: 2205

The most famous arcade game of all time! Pacman goes through a maze to eat all of the pac-dots before he gets caught by his 4 enemies. Once he has eaten all the pac-dots in the maze without running into one of the ghosts, he advances to the next level.
  • Playing Positions: 2
  • Space Required per Game: 25 Square Feet
  • Power Requirements: 5 AMPS
  • Games Include: Galaga 3, Gyruss, Tank Battalion, 1942, Ladybug, Burger Time, Mappy, Centipede, Millipede, JR Pac-Man, Pengo, Phoenix, Time Pilot, Super Cobra, Hustler, Space Panic, Super Breakout, New Rally X, Arkanoid, Qix, Juno Frist, Xevious, Mr. Do’s Castle, Moon Cresta, Pinball Action, Scramble, Super Pac-Man, Bomb Jack, Shao-Lin’s Road, King & Balloon, 1943, Van-Van Car, Pac-Man Plus, Dig Dug 2, Amidar, Zaxxon, Pooyan, Pleaids, Gun. Smoke, The End, 1943 Kai, Congo Bongo, Jumping Jack