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Oxygen Bar - Modern Oxygen Bar - Modern

Give your guests the unique experience of an Oxygen Bar. Benefits of oxygen include heightened concentration, quicker recovery following physical exertion and is calming to your mind. The oxygen bar attracts lots of attention at trade shows and events!

Rental Price: $995.00
Pac Man Battle Royale Arcade Pac Man Battle Royale Arcade

Pac Man Battle Royale pits players against one another as they try to be the last Pac Man standing! Pac Man Battle Royale is a fun twist on the original Pac Man game and allows for up to four players. Chomp those pellets and may the best Pac Man win!

Rental Price: $695.00
Spin-N-Win Wheel Spin-N-Win Wheel

Pull the handle and watch the lights go around the bright, colorful 6-foot dial. Hit STOP at just the right time to win. It's fun, easy, and exciting for everyone! Each section can be customized.

Rental Price: $695.00
Simple Photo Station Simple Photo Station

Photos are a fun way for your guests to remember your event! Our Simple Photo Station takes the picture, which then can be texted or emailed directly to your guest.

Rental Price: $595.00
Money Machine Money Machine

Our Money Machine is perfect for casino parties, trade shows, grand openings and fundraisers.  People can't resist the sights of swirling money!

Rental Price: $595.00
Photo Booth Classic Photo Booth

"My co-workers and owners are still talking about this being the best party in the our 15 years existence, they can't stop talking about the dealers and Captain Kirk. Oh my goodness, they loved the photo booth, giant Jenga game, we had a blast! I would definitely say Game On! lived up to WOW the customer! Thank you again, totally unforgettable." For more customer quotes, please click here.

Rental Price: $595.00
Pac Man Battle Table Top Pac Man Battle Table Top

Pac Man Battle Royale is the first four-player competitive Pac Man arcade game. The original Pac Man game concept has been given a cannibalistic twist: Eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac Man standing wins the round.

Rental Price: $395.00
Printer Station for Simple Photo Station Printer Station for Simple Photo Station

The Printer Station allows you to print photos immediately from our Simple Photo Station.

Rental Price: $350.00
Green Screen Photo Backdrop Green Screen Photo Backdrop

Add a Green Screen Photo Backdrop when you rent our Simple Photo Station.

Rental Price: $250.00
LED Crane Arcade Game LED Crane Arcade Game

The object of the Crane game is to maneuver the claw around to grab a prize at the bottom. Once the player has a good grip on their prize they pick it up to move it to the section that drops it for the player to receive. The game is trimmed in fun LED lights.

Rental Price: $225.00
Pac Man's Pixel Bash Arcade Game Pac Man's Pixel Bash Arcade Game

Relive the glory days of the arcade at your event! Pac Man's Pixel Bash Arcade Game features 31 officially licensed classic games that your guests will love to play.

Rental Price: $225.00
WiFi Hotspot WiFi Hotspot

Ensure Internet accessibility with a WiFi Hotspot.

Rental Price: $125.00
Virtual Reality Headset for Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Headset for Playstation 4

Guests can experience five unique virtual reality experiences. Go nose-to-nose with a great white shark; crawl through decaying space hulks; weave between on-coming traffic; survive a futuristic sport; or take part in a London gangster thriller. Fun to play AND fun to watch the player!

Rental Price: $100.00
Bowling Pin Ring Toss Bowling Pin Ring Toss

Can you ring a bowling pin? Guests toss colored rings on the pins and add up the points. Need something fun for a trade show? You can customize the pins for prizes that you are giving away.

Rental Price: $95.00
Plinko Game Plinko Game

Based on the popular daytime TV game, Plinko is sure to be a hit for your guests! Watch the chips "plink" their way down the board, and into a score marker.

Rental Price: $95.00
Customizable Prize Wheel Customizable Prize Wheel

The Customizable Prize Wheel is great for any trade shows, casino parties, fundraisers, and grand openings to have a raffle.  Customize each section of every prize you have and let guests spin away!

Rental Price: $95.00