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Plinko Game Plinko Game

Based on the popular daytime TV game, Plinko is sure to be a hit for your guests! Watch the chips "plink" their way down the board, and into a score marker.

Rental Price: $95.00
Ricochet Carnival Game Ricochet Carnival Game

How is your aim?  Our Ricochet Carnival Game will make you prove it!  Roll your ball down the lane and bounce it from one side to the other.  Sink your ball into a hole to score points.  Challenge other players to see who comes out on top!

Rental Price: $95.00
Ring Toss Carnival Game Ring Toss Carnival Game

No carnival is complete without a classic Ring Toss Game!  Take your best shot at getting the ring around the bottle neck to score points!

Rental Price: $95.00
Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game

Challenge a friend to our Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game!  This game requires finesse as you roll a bowling ball down a slope, over a hump but not over the edge!

Rental Price: $95.00
Skee Ball Carnival Game Skee Ball Carnival Game

Keep the ball rolling with our timeless Skee Ball Carnival Game!  Score points by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and into a hole.

Rental Price: $95.00
Strike Zone Carnival Game Strike Zone Carnival Game

Looking for a game with a modern twist on traditional bowling?  Search no further than the Strike Zone Carnival Game!  To earn points, slide a puck down the lane to knock down as many pins as you can.

Rental Price: $95.00