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Western Miniature Golf Course Western Miniature Golf Course

Guests will enjoy this nine-hole, Western-themed Miniature Golf Course. The course includes one welcome building and all the holes feature western d├ęcor such as barrels, wagon wheels, saddles, jail, outhouse, and sheriff. For more detailed info, please click here to visit our Mini Golf website.

Rental Price: $1,895.00
Putt! Golf Game Putt! Golf Game

With up to 4 players competing at once, this is the ideal miniature golf arcade game.

Rental Price: $325.00
Power Putt Golf Game Power Putt Golf Game

This fun electronic miniature golf game tests your putting skills. One to eight players can compete against each other.

Rental Price: $225.00
Golden Tee LIVE Golf Game Golden Tee LIVE Golf Game

Will it be a hole in one? Golden Tee LIVE features multiple golf courses to choose from, additional tee placement and enhanced graphics. Introduce the fun of a golf tournament at your event.

Rental Price: $225.00
Golden Tee Golf Game Golden Tee Golf Game

Taking the excitement of golf to new heights, Golden Tee Golf combines the game with real-life competition. One of our best renting golf games.

Rental Price: $225.00
Shuffle Putt Golf Game Shuffle Putt Golf Game

Practice your putting skills with our Shuffle Putt Golf Game. Play head to head or teams, with rules similar to shuffle board. A perfectly placed ball could win the game, unless your opponent bumps you out!

Rental Price: $195.00