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Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game

Challenge a friend to our Dual Roller Bowler Carnival Game!  This game requires finesse as you roll a bowling ball down a slope, over a hump but not over the edge!

Rental Price: $95.00
Bowling Pin Ring Toss Bowling Pin Ring Toss

Can you ring a bowling pin? Guests toss colored rings on the pins and add up the points. Need something fun for a trade show? You can customize the pins for prizes that you are giving away.

Rental Price: $95.00
Indoor/Outdoor Bowling Alley Indoor/Outdoor Bowling Alley

Roll a strike at your next event! Give guests the fun of bowling. Guests roll the ball down the lane to knock down as many pins as possible.

Rental Price: $195.00
Silver Strike Bowling Game Silver Strike Bowling Game

Up to 16 players can bowl against each other in this arcade game.

Rental Price: $225.00
Roller Bowler Table Top Carnival Game Roller Bowler Table Top Carnival Game

Do you have just the right touch? The Roller Bowler Table Top is played by trying to roll a bowling ball with enough force to get over the hump, but not too much.

Rental Price: $225.00